Why ProbioticXL®

ProbioticXL® represents a significant advancement in promoting gastrointestinal health. It works quickly and effectively to help maintain the natural, healthful balance of your body.

ProbioticXL® is formulated to offer you many unique benefits:

  • Reduces harmful bacteria with its prebiotic – ClearPhage
  • Provides nutrients for the good bacteria to flourish and provide an ideal balance
  • Includes a proprietary blend of 10 beneficial live probiotic strains

Advanced Benefits:

  • Protective Shield Technology – Enhances normal proliferation of beneficial bacteria and reduces potentially harmful bacteria. Inhibits yeast growth
  • ClearPhage – Reduces harmful bacteria making room for beneficial bacteria to flourish

ProbioticXL® Helps:

  • Reduce abdominal pain and bloating.
  • Supports a healthy immune and digestive system
  • Reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease, especially in smokers
  • Alleviate symptoms of occasional diarrhea and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Calm skin irritation
  • Protect the intestinal barrier against damage during the digestive process and reduces bad breath
  • Improve inflamed gum conditions
  • Sustain normal levels of intestinal bacteria post-antibiotic treatment
  • Improve symptoms associated with gluten intolerances
  • Alleviate inflammation in the large intestine
  • Reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors together with Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Intestinal imbalance can occur as a result of processed food consumption, travel, stress, digestive issues, and medications. This can lead to gas, belching, bloating, and irregularity. ProbioticXL® can help correct this imbalance quickly and effectively.

Everyone can benefit from taking ProbioticXL®, regardless of age. Due to environmental pollutants and the quality of our food source, we are all at risk for intestinal imbalances, which can lead to distressing symptoms and ill health. ProbioticXL® is the ideal probiotic supplement for you and your family.

ClearPhage is a natural patent pending ingredient that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your digestive system. ClearPhage works fast and effectively, acting within hours.

While there are foods that have probiotics, such as yogurt, kefir or fermented foods (pickles, sauerkraut), it is unlikely that you will receive enough of these beneficial organisms from your diet to achieve adequate health benefits.

We recommend that you take two capsules of ProbioticXL® daily to support and maintain healthy intestinal flora for good digestion, nutrient absorption and immune health.

Since probiotics are beneficial flora that naturally exist in the digestive tract, there are no known interactions with medications. However, we recommend you consult with your physician before taking any new supplement.
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